Apr 20 '23 5pm
If you’ve made it to this page, CONGRATULATIONS, and THANK YOU…

Because it means that you are a supporter of me and my practice, either as a subscriber, or as a Near & Dear Collector of my life’s work who has purchased 1 or more Isha Nelson works of art.

I don’t take that for granted, and today, I want to extend to you the most SPECIAL and VULNERABLE of invitations I have ever made as an artist. 


Today marks the starting point of a new journey for me into totally uncharted territory. I want to be clear here, this is not just creating work for my next show or next exhibit; I’m exploring a total ELEVATION of myself as an artist.

Over time, if you’ve grown familiar with my work, you might note that the fine art that you’ve seen from me has developed a unique, but consistent style and visual approach.

For the first time in years, I’m embarking on an exploration into creating an entirely new body of work, with complex, meaningful themes that may very well define my next decade as an artist. This next body of work will be unrecognizable compared to the Isha Nelson body of work that you have come to know.

I’m turning 42…Deep into my journey as an artist. Into life. The world …Myself…Exploring…Evolving.

We have been taught to fear the unknown…I have learned to embrace the unknown to create from the unknown. Because in the unknown is where everything we want lives. 

This time I am going deeper than I have ever gone before…will you come with me?

Let’s be brave together and maybe taking this Journey with me  will inspire you to dive into some uncharted territory in your own life and embrace the unknown…wouldn’t that be nice?

I know It’s time to elevate. It’s time for me to explore new Realms, and new ways of visually expressing those realms, that reflect my growth and evolution as a Woman, and as an artist.

I couldn’t think of any better way to say thank you for helping me become the Woman and artist I am today, than to invite you in the most vulnerable way I can to come be on this journey with me, into the Realms of the Unknown, as I literally evolve in real-time into the next elevated version of myself.

I haven’t made this announcement publicly, and I won’t. No one on social media will hear about this offer from me until it is already closed, on January 20th. You’re one of a Select Group of people receiving this Special Invitation to join me on this journey, because you've ALREADY been on my journey with me, up to this point.

Please do not share this invitation publicly without my permission.

It is available to you and your immediate network only, through January,20th, 2023. This is a once in a lifetime offer, because this is a once in a lifetime moment for me.


I’m sure you’re curious about what I mean by “REALMS OF THE UNKNOWN”  Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

As an artist and entrepreneur, The realms  of the unknown is where I create from it is where all things are possible. It is where I go beyond this time space reality where I have working through me the power that creates worlds…This is where magic happens. 

As I go through the phases of producing my next award-winning limited edition series, I invite you to be one of a small group of collectors who have the opportunity to Play in the ‘Realms of the Unknown” with me and support my next body of work, by pre-purchasing your limited edition print of the Originals while I’m still in the brainstorming phase. 

I’ve never done this before, and the entire project, including this offer, is experimental. How wild is that?!?!

As a thank you for being in on this expedition into the unknown with me, you’ll get intimate access to my creative process with video exclusives — literally taking this journey with me — and have first dibs from the new series at an unbelievable value. (I’m talking up to 75+% savings off the retail value.) Just choose which Realm you want to play in.

The times where I’ve felt like I was artistically at my best when I was studying art in Italy and everything was unknown and new where I was immersed in a learning environment, and much of the work was informed and inspired through exploring. Even though I’ve created great work since then, I’m excited to dive back into a space of creating work rooted in exploration, learning and evolving.

After more than a decade on the road, Having my own gallery, Donating my time, talent and art to a cancer hospital in Mexico for the past 8 years. Creating Art and Designs for home and business all over the world. I have definitely  found my Niche as an artist, you might be surprised to find out that I can honestly say it’s scary as hell to go back to the drawing board, and “Elevate” myself.

This once “natural” space of creation definitely feels distant and unfamiliar, which is WHY I’m so excited about the work, and the thoughtfulness that will come out of the next series.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, and I look forward to Playing in the unknown these upcoming months. Should you have any clarifying questions about this invitation, please don’t hesitate in reaching out.

This is a journey we’re embarking on together and both your input and clarity matters. Just click the link below if you need to get in touch.