Isha Nelson

“There is a great creator, and we are all creations of that creator and our gift back to the creator that created us, is to be creative our self.”
Growing up in the Berkshires, the natural elements have served as constant inspiration.  I have been fortunate enough to travel and study abroad I have always been drawn to unique and eclectic mediums of art. Mother nature in my opinion the greatest creator of us all. The way she paints us a magnificent sunset every evening one more spectacular than the last…I am constantly filling my well of inspiration from the wondrous world around which has always driven my love for travel and exploring.
All my life experiences from growing up in an Ashram surrounded by people on a path of spiritual enlightenment. learning yoga and meditation at the same time I was learning to walk. Studying Art in Italy and traveling Europe taking in the great masters. Owning and operating my own Art Gallery and design business. Has shaped and formed and inspired my Holistic approach to Art and Design
I believe and it is proven that color has healing effects on the body and greatly effect our mental and emotional state. The focus of my work is creating healing atmospheres through multi elements art and design. Using color and light to surround people in environments that will support their well being.